Frequently asked queries.
Q.1 Who can join the classes?
All those people who are applying for visas, going abroad for further studies,
research etc.looking for jobs, want to upgrade their job profile or salary, want to
teach or want to learn a Foreign language as a hobby.
Q:2 How much time does it take?
German ,Spanish are very easy and interesting languages If one understands but its very
difficult and boring If one memorizes it .In our teaching method,one understands
 90% and memorizes 10%.
Q3: Do you follow the same syllabus which every institution follows?
More than that our teaching Module would be just in accordance to the. Cervantes, Goethe
Institute but at a very Nominal Fee.
Q4: Do you provide Jobs?
YES, Our channel partners contain many job providing Institution which
includes MNCs.
Q5: Do you give certificate?
Everyone whether one has read at one`s home or in our institute, one needs to
appear for examination which is conducted by Goethe/Max Mueller Bhavan.,Cervantes etc
If you have read in our institute you do not need to appear for A1 exam
You can directly appear for A2 and B1 you not only save at least three
To five precious months of your life but Rupees 5000-10000 exam fee also
of A1 etc.
After clearing this exam one gets the certificate which is recognized world wide.
We prepare the student for the exam. We focus on all the four parts that are
required for the examination
Q6: What if my English is not good? Can I manage?
YES, no need to worry about it. Even if you English is not good you can easily
Q7: Why should I join your institute and not any other?
This answer is basically a summary of all the previous answers these are the
highlights of our institution As we are providing Quality Education at a very
nominal fee.
Q8 : Is there any Demo or Trail Class ?
Yes we do provide it, as your personal satisfaction is our top most priority. A free
Demo class of 1 hour will be provided as per your convenience.
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